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How to remove the wine spots on your barrels and to give colour to your wine storehouses?!

LYOFAL, always searching new applications in freeze-drying developed and finalized a colouring and odorous wine powder.

A 100% natural manufacture :
Vinocolor is obtained by freeze-drying (natural drying under cold and vacuum) red wine and grape extract. All the ingredients are natural and stemming from the vine.

An optimal result :
This powder enables you to hide the wine spots on your barrels. Its use is very simple, hardless than the methods you currently use.

Your activity being linked to tourism, VINOCOLOR will be profitable to your exploitation by improving the aesthetic aspect of your barrels.

Many prestigious wine storehouses already use it.

VINOCOLOR is packaged in pot of 100g and 1 kg.

Please contact us for any order...


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