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Press Release

Lyofal exhibit during the big 2013 meeting of out sourcing (published : 28/03/2013)

Lyofal will participate and exhibit at the annual and international fair CPHI / ICSE taking place in Frankfurt from October 22nd until October 24th 2013. Please come and visit us on Group Synerlab booth in the ICSE zone.

For further information, go to www.icsexpo.com www.synerlab.com


Lyofal acquired by Synerlab (published : 15/11/2012)

SYNERLAB, a leading French pharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm, reinforces its leading market position on contract manufacturing market and take position into a fast growing market of lyophilized dry forms by acquiring Lyofal. SYNERLAB add competencies to its existing range of outsourcing pharmaceutical services.

Joint acquisition

SYNERLAB jointly announces the acquisitions of Lyofal and IDD-Tech Orleans, which specializes in the development of solid dosage forms. The expertise of IDD-Tech, which now becomes SYNERLAB Developpement, on galenic formulations as well as analytical drug development, will allow SYNERLAB to offer its clients a full range of services from the initial drug development to industrial scale production.

With these acquisitions, SYNERLAB reinforces its leading market position and becomes a company with five sites, employing 700 people and a turnover of € 85 million.

François Jerphagnon, Managing Director Small Market Enterprise Capital at AXA Private Equity declares: “With these acquisitions, SYNERLAB reinforces its leading position in contract manufacturing market. AXA Private Equity’s commitment alongside the management team over the last five years, including the closing of three build-up acquisitions, is a good example of how we bring value to our portfolio.”

For further information, go to www.synerlab.com www.axaprivateequity.com

Lyofal acquired by Synerlab 

Lyofal exhibit during the big 2012 meeting of out sourcing (published : 27/02/2012)

Lyofal will participate and exhibit at the annual and international fair BioPh / ICSE taking place in MADRID from October 9th until October 11th 2012. Please come and visit us on booth 10A82 in the BioPh zone.

For further information, go to www.icsexpo.com


Lyofal exhibit during MEDICA (published : 14/11/2011)

Lyofal will participate and exhibit at the annual and international fair MEDICA place in Dusseldorf from November 16-19 2011. Please come and visit us on French pavilion.

Pour plus d'information, www.medica.de


Lyofal equipped with the most up to date technology in lyophilisation R&D (published : 09/02/2010)

The newly acquired fully integrated freeze drying microscope, which enables a complementary reading when studying Determination of fundamentals of parameters of lyophilisation to the by product resistance method offered (beginning of fusion and complete solidification).

When lyophilisating under a microscope, the measuring system used allow to observe visually, under microscope, fusion or collapse phenomenon. The video device allows monitoring and taking pictures of key phenomenon: crystallisation, fusion, collapse…

The system is equipped with a freeze drying device cooled via liquid nitrogen and heated electrically, of a vacuum pomp and a microscope. This technique requires about 2 µl sample per analysis.

Contact : Ms Declomesnil, R&D Manager – Lyofal


Lyofal invited on television ! (published : 04/01/2006)

Jerome Bonaldi, journalist for the show On a tout essayé on France 2, presented on Tuesday January 3rd 2006 the first freeze-dried cosmetic care on television.

Convinced of the advantages of freeze-drying regarding preserving of the cosmetic care, Jerome Bonaldi carried out a demonstration of the use of a patch on the fore arm of Veronique Jeannot (actress).

Associated with water, the patch thus could release its ingredients with direct contact of the skin for a care without preservative.

Lyofal invited on television ! 

LYOFAL equipped with an SMH3120 (published : 09/12/2005)

Ordered over a year ago with Usifroid (subsidiary company of Air Liquide), the new lyophilisator with liquid nitrogen with a drying surface of 31 m² (or 1000 kg) is from now on operational at LYOFAL.

This lyophilisator allows to capture solvents at very low temperatures.

LYOFAL equipped with an SMH3120 

Lyofal : the first outsourcing API manufacturer for lyophilisation ! (published : 09/12/2005)

Lyofal was subject to an inspection by the French Agency (AFSSAPS) for manufacturing raw materials for pharmaceutical use on November 9th and 10th, 2005.

The conformity of the manufacturing processes of the active ingredients of pharmaceutical use with appendix 18 of the GMP could be checked during these two days.

Lyofal is thus one of the very first French companies to become API Manufacturer (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) in subcontracting of freeze-drying.