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Company History

A high Tech Company in Salon de Provence.

Lyofal was founded 20 years ago by Jean-Luc ALLEMAND, the actual Manager.

The core business of the Company is lyophilization, a well-known technique of natural drying under cold and vacuum.

20 years ago, Lyofal started freeze-drying food Products for Jean-Louis ETIENNE, Doctor and Explorer in order to guarantee the full success of his expedition in the North Pole.

Nevertheless, this activity was too seasonal and since abandoned.

Lyofal then put its knowledge in lyophilization in the service of :

  • pharmaceutical industries,
  • Biotech Companies,
  • cosmetic Laboratories,
  • and others.

Its activity of the Company is since in constant progression.

Its customers are : pharmaceutical Laboratories,

  • cosmetic Laboratories,
  • Biotech Companies.

Lyofal extends on 3500 m² from factory and offices, owns 27 freeze-driers of various capacities laid out in clean rooms and is certified ISO 9001, 2008 certificate.

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