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Rescue of files and rare objects

Freeze-drying of files repairs the damage caused by water

An effective method :
Freeze-drying of files is the most powerful method to dry paper files but also certain objects made of wood, saturated with water.

A simple method :
The files are frozen as soon as possible after the disaster (flood, fire). Freeze-drying sublimates solidified water. The steam escapes between the pages from the book and drying is done in the heart of the document without joining the pages together.

An advantageous method :
This system :
- Prevents the paper sheets from being stuck together,
- Avoids tasks by preventing ink from running,
- Prevents development of moulds,
- Allows documents to be perfectly readable and usable,
- Allows restoration of fragile objects.

LYOFAL : an important experience.
Lawyers' records of the City "Vaison la Romaine",
Bank files following a fire,
Wood saturated with water (a Neolithic axe),
A collar of pearls discovered on a prehistoric site on the building site of the TGV,
Freeze-drying of files following the floods in Arles, etc.

LYOFAL's aim, thanks to its technology, is to save old libraries and especially recent, administrative and accounting files of companies, banks and to put back these documents in circulation.


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