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Freeze dried reagent (diagnosis)  

The freeze-drying technique preserves reagents.
It guarantees :

  • a perfect reliability,
  • a rapidity of the tests.
LYOFAL freeze-dries diagnosis products, formulates them and packages them in vials of any size, any format (bulk), in any required support.

LYOFAL's Research & Development Department works out freeze-drying parameters and determines the relevant cryoprotectors and lyoprotectors to use for the fragile molecules.

This department uses equipments to make eutectic measures in order to optimize the freeze-drying cycles, to draw up regulatory support and to better make the equipment profitable. It offers assistance to the customer within the framework of his development project.

LYOFAL is equipped with several Pilot-scale lyophilizers in order to develop and to validate the freeze-drying parameters for an industrial production and to define a freeze-drying protocol. A test report can be provided on request of the customer.

The quantities can relate to some vials like reaching several dozens of thousands of vials. The vial-filling machines and the sealing freeze-driers can process up to 20.000-30.000 vials. The environment is also adapted to the requirements of the product, in the strict respect of the procedures. A batch file can be established, on request of the customer, at the end of the operation.

Industrialisation :

  • All volume vials
  • >Up to 35000 vials per batch
  • Freeze drier Lyophilisateurs boucheurs
  • a stoppering mechanism under nitrogen or vaccum
  • capping or screwing stoppers
  • batch record

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