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Freeze-dried cosmetic products,
Stable and with no preservatives.

LYOFAL offers its know-how in lyophilization in the cosmetic field and launches a complete range of freeze-dried cosmetic Products :

Innovating Concepts for face and body cares :

- Dry occlusive contact patches (around eyes and lips),
- Freeze-dried gel and emulsion,
- Freeze-dried actives in Airless vials for cure cares.

A reinforced effectiveness :

Thanks to lyophilization your actives will be :
- Effective since they remain intact until the use,
- More concentrated,
- More bio-available for a better penetration.

Your products contain no added preservatives.

An easy gesture :
- Application by massage on wet skin,
- Re-hydration with a water spray or an active lotion.
A solution for all your sensitive actives :
With lyophilization you can :
- Keep your unstable and sensitive to heat actives in hydrated medium.

Freeze-drying does not denature qualities of your products and keeps all the functional properties of your active. As a dry shape, your active does not deteriorate on a chemical, thermodynamic or microbiological level.

How to purify your extracts :

Freeze-drying sublimates water but also many solvents. The solvent residues due to the process of extraction or synthesis are eliminated.

Feel free to contact us to know our available applications or to entrust your developments to us.


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